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The bot to add colorful borders to your avatar!


Command Name Description Usage
avatar Gets you a link to someones avatar > avatar | pfp
avatarColors Gets you the dominant colors > [avatarColors | colors] (number of colors)
history See a history of your avatars > history
randomAvatar Receive a random avatar > randomAvatar
border Add a single color border to your avatar > border (color) (decimal between 0 - 1) [defaults to size 0.1 and the most occuring color]
borderTexture Add a textured border to your avatar > borderTexture (upload texture image) (decimal between 0 - 1) [defaults to size 0.1]
random Generate a border with random parameters > [random | randomBorder] (number of images to generate (max 5))
randomtexture Generate a border with a random texture > randomTexture
invite Returns an invite link for the bot > invite | link
ping Find out how long it takes for the bot to respond > ping
stats Get stats about the bot > stats